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Ukraine, Kiev
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Erotic massage - body massage, massage with pleasure!

Aphrodisiac massage
Erotic body massage

Aphrodisiac massage (Erotic body massage) - is massage performed by nude body, by a feminine body usually :) It’s one of the most popular types of erotic massage in ”Bagira” salon. Your acquaintance with a beautiful girl starts with erotic bathing. After that you will enjoy classical massage in combination with erotic massage: a girl will gracefully, in a beautiful sensitive dance slide along your body, massaging you with ALL parts of the body: belly, bust, buns. Your excitement will be intensified with tantric massage.

Satisfaction from massage is intensified thanks to pleasant music and lush interior! Aphrodisiac massage lasts 1 hour and costs 400 UAH.

Erotic photos of our girls Aphrodisiac massage
(Photo session)

Thai and Ukrainian aphrodisiac massages

It turns out that aphrodisiac massage can be differentiated in accordance with the area:) Of course, erotic massage appeared earlier in Thailand (than in Ukraine), that is well known by various massage types and erotic leisure time activities.

Thai aphrodisiac massage

Previously I, as many others, had identified Thai massage with erotic, until I visited Thailand. So, what I witnessed there? – In massage salons, where different massage types are offered, you will find no erotic, especially in traditional Thai massage… Instead, if you visit other outlets, usually working at night, you can feel yourselves what is Thai aphrodisiac massage!

The way Thai aphrodisiac massage salon looks like

Actually, such houses rarely resemble ordinary massage salons, which we are used to. The size of the salon itself and the number of masseuses really impress. It was my first experience with aphrodisiac massage in Thailand and I was surprised by the exterior of the building that looked more like a luxurious theatre, rather than a massage salon :) There was a huge hall inside, with tables in front of which, behind the glass, massage girls were located. I was offered to sit down at one of the tables, courteously given a menu and was told I could choose any girl for aphrodisiac massage. It turned out to be very cozy: while drinking “Margarita” you choose a massage girl!

How to choose a massage girl in Thai aphrodisiac massage salon

Firstly, I was amazed by a great number of massage girls. There were no fewer than 50 of them, that’s for sure! All of them were dressed in dinner gowns and every girl had a visible number on her chest (what is very reasonable as Thai names were unreal to remember).
Secondly, it was surprising to see a wish of the girls to get the job. Every massage girl was flirting, smiling, ogling…. It seemed that the only dream of theirs and even the aim in their lives was to make an aphrodisiac massage! :) I chose two massage girls what immensely gladdened the administrator :))

The way Thai aphrodisiac massage parlor looks like

Girls approached me, smiling friendly, and offered to follow them. While they were preparing the bath, I eyed the parlor where I was supposed to have aphrodisiac massage with curiosity. I was attracted with the bath of an unusual form that seemed to be designed for erotic massage. Beside her there was an air bed that was leant against the wall and a bit farther there was a huge couch.

The way Thai massage is carried out

When the bath was ready I undressed and immerged into warm water which was enriched with pleasant fragrance. Massage girls stationed themselves near me, bathing and tenderly caressing me. To tell the truth, at that moment I didn’t know what was the difference between Thai and Ukrainian body massages, that’s why I considered their actions to be erotic bathing.

After bath girls lay me onto the air bed and that was high time for amazement. Massage girls, having soaked it, frothed up the soap and started aphrodisiac massage with foam! They were extremely nimble and tricky. They even managed to slide between me and the air bed by turns!

Next to magnificent massage I was offered to pass through a couch. Instead of expected standard aphrodisiac massage girls started behaving more freely. After asking for my consent, they began whetting and caressing me. In one word, that time I learnt all the amenities of aphrodisiac massage! :)

When everything was finished, we talked (as far as my and their English permitted) lying in the bed. I confessed I was a hostess of an erotic massage salon in Kiev and that we also offered aphrodisiac massage to our clients, but in our salon it was quite different. I also coplemented them for their handicraft, especially emphasizing foam massage. Complements took magical effect: Thai girls lay me onto the air bed again, frothed up the soap and showed me some major tricks of theirs which I didn’t only used in my salon later on, but also taught my massage girls how to perform them. That was my first acquantance with aphrodisiac massage.

Ukrainian aphrodisiac massage

Ukrainian aphrodisiac massage - ia a national invention particularly, but quite a succesful one. If Thai aphrodisiac massage involves other services as well, it’s quite opposite in our country. Aphrodisiac massage in Kiev is more a session of sightly erotic, that ends up with a guest’s “relax”.

If you have never tried aphrodisiac massage yourself, don’t make fast conclusions. I advise you to experience it first! And to make your experience successful and unforgettable, you shall choose a good variant, for instance, massage in “BAGIRA” salon! :)

See you at the massage! BAGIRA

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Erotic massage - Massage from Bagira

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