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Ukraine, Kiev
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Erotic massage - body massage, massage with pleasure!

Erotic Thai massage

Erotic Thai massage is very popular in “Bagira” salon. And that’s natural as it was designed by Bagira herself. Its name “Three-in-One” pays its way totally because it includes such popular massages as: professional classical massage, premium erotic massage and original Thai massage.. Erotic Thai massage lasts 1 hour 30 minutes and costs 600 UAH. You may watch the following photo sessions of Thai massage in performance of our girls:

Thai massage
Massage technique

Traditional Thai massage (9 photos)

Thai massage in Kiev
(18 photos)

Thai foot massage is especially pleasant. It is important to note that when having this massage type feet become the center of special attention:

Thai foot massage
(10 photos)

Thai foot massage
(10 photos)

Thai foot massage
(10 photos)

Well, and Thai hand massage is very much different from the classical variant of this massage:

Thai hand massage (5 photos)

Thai hand massage (5 photos)

Erotic Thai massage “Three-in-One” - is an exclusive massage and at the same time the most pleasant one in our salon. Bagira passed the secrets of Thai massage to her best masseuses.

Many people are interested in Bagira’s personality and the question “Where and how could such a beautiful young lady learn the art of a difficult Thai massage?” particularly. Bagira obtained her knowledge and skills of Thai massage from the best masters who she got acquainted with in her journeys throughout Thailand. Below you may find those interesting and exciting photo sessions:

1st journey to Thailand
(12 photos)

2nd journey to Thailand
(more than 100 photos)

Recently Thai massage “by Bagira” is becoming more and more popular in Kiev. Many people heard about it and even tried it. I suggest watching the following photo sessions about classical and erotic Thai massages:

Thai massage
Types of Thai massage

Erotic Thai massage
in Thailand (6 photos)

We wait for you to have premium Thai massage “Three-in-One” at the ”BAGIRA” erotic massage salon!

Honestly about Thai massage

Today Thai massage arouse interest due to a number of reasons: somebody heard a lot about it but has never tried; others like the technique of Thai massage; still others associate massage with erotic… All in all, interest exists, but still there are a lot of theories, including mistaken ones.

Let’s have a sincere talk about Thai massage. Let me tell you something about me: I have five years of experience in Thai massage, I travel a lot and very often I visit various exotic countries. Vacation in Thailand brings me more enjoyment than any other country because there are nice smiling people, delicious food, Thai and Aphrodisiac massage salons everywhere, beautiful nature and romantic hotels, outstanding palaces and memorable guided tours there. It was in Thailand when I first got acquainted with Thai massage and fell truly in love with it at once. I think this information convinces you that I have an idea about Thai massage and can tell you a lot of interesting things.

What is Thai massage?

So, what is Thai massage? I will say from the very beginning that it is significantly different from the classical massage as it is performed not by the muscle power, but by the masseur’s weight. Believe me, you feel absolutely different when having it. Thai massage is also similar to a paired yogi, as a masseur bends you to various sides. It is very healthy as all the body muscles are deeply worked, joints flexibility is raised and all the stagnant energy in muscles is released.

Thai massage – does it hurt or not?

I hear this question quite frequently. Actually, there are two different techniques of Thai massage: northern and southern. In the course of one of them hard technique is used, in the course of the other – a soft one. As I practiced a soft, comfortable technique, I taught my massage girls the same technique. But the effect is not reduced!

Thai massage – is it erotic massage or not?

There is some kind of confusion about this issue. It’s about both Kiev and Thailand. Let’s speak about Thailand, for example. At first sight Thai massage is separated from erotic massage and is performed in kimono here. But if you seek more thoroughly, you will find a lot of different salons where erotic and Thai massages are quite successfully combined. Besides, there are special erotic sessions of Thai massage, which I wrote about in the article Thai massage in Thailand. So I can’t give an unambiguous answer to this question. Most likely, both variants exist. And it’s up to you to decide which of them to choose! :)

Thai massage’s advantages

Thai massage has a number of advantages if compared with other massage types, but the most vivid comparison will be between Thai massage and one of the most famous and widely spread massages - with classical massage. And one more thing to mention – these advantages are described for Ukraine, Russia and Kiev particularly.

The 1st advantage of Thai massage

If a masseur makes Thai massage, you may be sure in his qualification as a masseur. Believe me, a person, who is absolutely unfamiliar with Thai massage, will never have a smallest idea to perform it. For money at least ;)

The 2nd advantage of Thai massage

Thai massage is wonderfully relaxing and revitalizing. Most probably, during massage session you will feel sleepy. Don’t oppose it – resign yourself to recuperative sleep.

The 3rd advantage of Thai massage

Thai massage reacts upon the energetic body of a man actively and releases stagnant energy. When I was taught Thai massage technique, I was frequently told about it, but full awareness of it came to me after I had had a few sessions of Thai massage. It’s strange, but life turns for the better, energy and confidence increase.

The 4th advantage of Thai massage

Thai massage is not just massage; it’s also passive gymnastics for joints, ligaments, and strings. My clients usually notice that after a series of the massage sessions their bodies become more flexible and lightsome. That’s quite natural as in Thai massage there are a lot of gentle movements, stretching various parts of the body.

The 5th advantage of Thai massage

In Thai massage you will never hear such phrases as “give me your hand”, “put your hands onto wrists”, etc. from a masseur, phrases that may recall from massage and prevent from deep relaxation. The thing is that in the course of Thai massage a masseur controls your body, doing it very gently. You may totally rely upon him as, first of all, he has already done hundreds of Thai massages before you, and secondly, he has tried it himself numerous times. That’s why he knows well what you feel during a massage session.

Naturally, Thai massage has much more advantages than I have just described. What I wanted to emphasize is that Thai massage is very interesting and healthy, especially if it is performed regularly.

Thai massage in Kiev

Thai massage in Kiev - is quite another issue and here one can find such variants of Thai massage that never existed and will never appear :) I got used to girls, who come to work in our salon from another one in Kiev and say, “I know how to do Thai massage!”. But when they start doing it, it turns out that either they know little or it’s not Thai massage at all :) And it’s necessary to know that Thai massage can be harmful if performed by an amateur. That’s why when I teach Thai massage to my masseuses, it usually takes at least 3 months of regular training. And after that I personally grade their exams. That’s why if you want to get high-quality Thai massage, come to my massage salon in Kiev! See you! BAGIRA

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