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Ukraine, Kiev
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Erotic massage - body massage, massage with pleasure!

Lesbie show massage

Lesbie is always whetting, especially when the participants in this game are beautiful girls. Do you want to watch a lesbie show? Just LESBIE massage will make it possible! After a lush bathing sensitive massage starts and you get double satisfaction from classical and erotic massages performed by two girls at once.

In the course of massage girls whit so much that start to caress each other, and then, very excited, bring you to exquisite relaxation! Lesbie show’s duration is an hour and a half. The price of the show is 700 UAH. Watch lesbie photos of our masseuses, but don’t be too absorbed - erotic massage of girls is much more erotic and pleasant than photos! ;)

Lush lesbie show

Blondes lesbie show

Girls’ lesbie in sauna

Brunettes’ lesbie show

Choose a girl for lesbie show

Snow-maidens’ lesbie show

About SHOW

I also wanted to touch upon one issue that is connected with a show itself. The thing is that when many guests hear the name of massage, "lesbie show", they imagine the most salacious pictures in their minds :) I certainly don’t want to disappoint such dreamers but when we say “lesbie show” we mean SHOW particularly! Surely, you will see erotic games of the two girls, but, naturally, it will be artificial lesbie, that is show – sometimes very realistic, sometimes – not – here everything depends on the girls.

Yes, there are imaginative girls or those who are quite experienced in the issue. Naturally, they are able to perform such a show that you will never get if they are playing or not. There are even masseuses who play without any plan, being guided by your impressions and reaction. I understand that now you will ask quite a logical question:

How to choose girls for this show?

Unfortunately, I can’t give a definite answer, though, I certainly know who deserves to be called a lesbian :)) Lesbie show is a delicate thing and here everything depends on the girl’s mood, and on how unselfconscious they are towards each other. In one word, I advise you to check it in practice! ;)

Lesbie and lesbians

Each girl is a lesbian in spirit?!

There is an idea that each girl is to some extent a lesbian in spirit :) Personally I can’t confirm these words, but I won’t deny that I like pretty girls. For example, I like to watch both erotic photos of girls and photos of lesbians who go after the flesh. On the other hand there is a confirmation to that opinion (that each girl is a lesbian in spirit): many times I gave to my lady friends, who have no tendency to lesbianism, erotic massage as a present, and that’s what turned out of it:

Lesbie experience of my friends

When erotic massage is performed for a girl by a girl, then, you will understand, that it is often ends up with lesbie games. Many things are surely dependant on the experience, unselfconsciousness and a desire of a guest. So, according to the masseuses’ stories, my friends were a bit shy at the beginning of the erotic massage. But later they relaxed and occupied themselves with the lesbie games. And, what is the most important: after massage they remembered with excitement and gratitude about the gained experience in the sphere of lesbie!

Lesbie attracts both men and women!

It’s interesting that lesbians are attractive not only for women, but also for men. – Any man would love to watch lesbie of beautiful girls! And would even participate in it! :)) (This is the way our guests like to joke). In the course of lesbie massage you will be able to become an observer of our massage girls’ lesbie show. Naturally, such a massage is memorized for a long time and you will like to try it again with the other girls.

Articles and feedback about lesbie massage

Besides, at our Web site you will find several articles and feedbacks about lesbie massage:

"The best erotic present" - a real feedback of a guest who was presented an erotic massage for her birthday by her boyfriend.

"Probably, she was the only woman in my life" - one of my lady friend’s feedback, who is not connected with lesbie anyhow, and who was swoon with the massage.

"Bagira’s erotic adventures in Thailand" - description of my lesbie experience in Thailand. Moreover, another variant of the article you will find on the page Aphrodisiac massage.

I wish you pleasant reading of the articles and wait for you at the lesbie massage in ”Bagira” massage salon! BAGIRA

Our contacts: Ukraine, Kiev, "Bagira" erotic massage salon.
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Open 10 a.m. - 10 p.m. everyday of the week.


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