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Ukraine, Kiev
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Erotic massage - body massage, massage with pleasure!

Massages, massage types

To define what massages are suitable for you I would like to draw your attention to all massage services, all massage types, that are offered in ”Bagira” massage salon. Every massage is interesting and unique in its own way. Massage types are sorted out due to their prices (in ascending order).

Massages in “Bagira” salon"

Classical massage

Classical massage - it is a traditional massage performed with hands in the course of which the following massage methods are used: effleurage, kneading, foulage, vibratory massage, etc. Classical massage is performed in the direction of lymph flowing and can be bracing and relaxing. In our salon this massage type is a component of each erotic massage and is done on the professional level. You may verify it by coming to us!

Erotic massage

Erotic massage - is an exclusive massage type that substilizes sensibility, intensifies erotic attraction and vital power. This massage is healthy at any age (18 years and older). One of the main terms of erotic massage is that the guest shall feel at ease and relaxed. Erotic relaxing interior is ministerial to it in our salon. Erotic massage is especially advantageous as it enriches private life, imbues you with positive emotions, and intensifies potency. This massage type is very often finished with striking and desiring ‘relax’. Absolutely all massage types in our salon are erotic. I advise you to have a look at my article "What is erotic massage?" on the main page, whereof you will learn how to get maximum enjoyment in the course of erotic massage.

Aphrodisiac massage

Aphrodisiac massage - this massage, being very popular among all types of erotic massages, is performed with a nude body. It’s necessary to note that in our salon girls are not only trying their best to afford maximum pleasure to you by touching with various parts of their body (bust, buns, belly) during aphrodisiac massage but also to take care of the esthetics: they perform massage in the most attractive positions what intensifies erection. And for you to watch graceful movements of girls more easily in our parlors there are mirrors on all the walls and the ceiling ! Aphrodisiac massage lasts an hour and costs 400 UAH.

Strip massage

Strip massage - the most spectacular massage type! It’s aphrodisiac massage, complemented by a private erotic dance. Girls, who dance striptease in our salon, have had a long training and have prepared lush costumes for you! You will love strip massage if you fancy not only touching but also watching gorgeous and lush movements of a girl who undresses in the course of erotic dance. Strip massage duration is 1 hour 10 minutes, its price – 500 UAH. Striptease can be added separately to any massage type; in this case massage price will be 100 UAH more.

Orgasmic massage

Orgasmic massage - is a massage type that starts with a veracious striptease and intriguing pip show. A girl does not only dance erotically, but also caresses herself with a clear pleasure. Most likely, this show will keys you up and a massage girl will pay her attention to you in the tenderest way during erotic bathing already that follows striptease. Orgasmic massage can be added to any massage type. The dance itself lasts 15 minutes and costs 200 UAH.

”TSUNAMI” massage

”TSUNAMI massage is one of the most popular massage types in our salon. Along with classical and aphrodisiac massage it also includes acupunctural massage for potency intensifying, feather smooching and “lingama” Tao massage. Satisfaction that is brought in the course of this massage can be compared at its rate with a tsunami wave, that’s why it has such a name. “TSUNAMI” massage lasts 1 hour 15 minutes and costs 500 UAH.

”Double show” massage

"Double show" massage – is an aphrodisiac massage performed by two charming girls. Many of our guests like that girls perform the massage simultaneously (both classical and erotic), increasing physical and esthetic enjoyment. I suppose every man shall try this massage type at least once in life! “Double show” massage lasts 1 hour 20 minutes and costs 600 UAH.

”Lesbie show” massage

”Lesbie show” massage is to some extent similar to the previous massage type – “Double show”, but it has one advantage – in the middle of the massage session before the erotic part girls stop for 10 minutes and abandon themselves to a spectacular lesbie. You watch them in close proximity. After that excited girls pay their passion and caresses to you in the course of erotic massage. Should I say that you will remember it forever! “Lesbie show” massage lasts an hour and a half and costs 700 UAH.

“Three-in-One” Thai erotic massage

“Three-on-One” Thai massage - our salon’s best massage that was designed by the hostess of Bagira salon herself. Massage name reflects its essence – it includes the best and most popular moments of the three massage types: traditional massage, classical, and erotic one. Cogent advantage of this massage is that it is performed by the leading massage girls of our salon, who were taught by Bagira herself. “Three-in-One” Thai massage last an hour and a half and costs 600 UAH.

”Double TSUNAMI” massage

This massage type comprises “Double show” and “TSUNAMI” massages, what highly attracts many guests. You will like it if you are an admirer of enjoyment. “Double TSUNAMI” massage lasts an hour and a half and costs 800 UAH.

Royal VIP massage

Royal VIP massage - is an invention of our salon. I shall notice that we were the first to design and offer it in Kiev. This massage is called so not by chance, as you will be caressed by three girls at once! Royal massage offers a great range of enjoyment: along with classical and erotic massage you will also be a spectator of a lesbie show. Moreover, while two girls caress each other, the third one pays her attention to you. A pleasant addition to the Royal massage is our salon’s present to you – a bottle of champaign for good mood improving! Royal massage lasts an hour and a half and costs 900 UAH.

GEISHA massage

GEISHA massage - one of the best and most popular massages in “Bagira” salon. It includes the two most pleasant, healthy and professional massage types: TSUNAMI massage and ”Three-in-one” Thai erotic massage. You will enjoy all kinds of satisfaction thanks to Thai, classical, acupunctural, erotic, and Tao massages. Besides, a girl will caress you with her hair. It is performed by the leading massage girls of our salon what guarantees top quality. Geisha massage lasts 1 hour 45 minutes and costs 800 UAH.

Imperial SPA massage

Imperial SPA massage - is the top of professionalism! In this massage a technique of Herbal massage (with warm herbal pouches) is used and is combined with traditional Thai massage, and what is amazing and exclusive at the same time – with erotic! You will scarcely find Herbal massage performed on a professional level in an erotic variant in Kiev! After Imperial massage you will feel long-term sense of deep relaxation and satisfaction. It is performed by the leading massage girls of our salon. Imperial massage lasts an hour and a half and costs 950 UAH.

Tea ceremony

All types of erotic massage in BAGIRA massage salon can be supplemented by the original Chinese tea ceremony, carried out in accordance with all the rules. In the course of tea ceremony a pleasant conversation with a girl is complemented with potency useful and tonus picking up ginseng tea. The procedure of tea party is especially enjoyable after massage. It lasts 30 minutes and costs 250 UAH. Tea ceremony art is known to the best massage girls only.

Massage for couples

We are also concerned over couples who like to visit erotic massage sessions together (what happens more often these days). Massage for couples is performed according to a special program: usually a couple "is warmed up" by erotic massage to shut themselves away for some time later on. Our girls can not only go along with a ride but also caress you gracefully. Should I mention that for couples who like diversity in private life this massage type is more than attractive!

Massage for girls

We try to satisfy all our guests, no matter if they are men or women. All the listed above massage types are suitable for girls as well. Besides, our massage girls perform massage for girls with a great pleasure! Naturally, if you wish, you can not only get esthetic enjoyment in the course of massage, but also a vivid orgasm. Here everything depends on your wish and experience in this sphere. Female orgasm - is a very delicate thing, so our massage girls will be maximally tactful with you.

You may notice that in our salon we offer a lot of interesting and professional massage types. But we are never at a stop!

Our planning massage types

We are never at a stop. Very soon you will be able to try new massage types in our salon.

Stone massage

Stone massage (stone massage) – it is a highly professional SPA massage with hot stones. Stone massage is performed with warm stones of volcanic origin. It requires great professionalism, massage experience and expensive equipment. It will be performed by the best massage girls of BAGIRA salon!

Certainly, we know how to amaze and please you. To keep the intrigue I will not describe some massage types that are planning to be performed in our salon. The most important thing is that massage in “Bagira” salon is performed on a professional level and heartily!

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