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Ukraine, Kiev
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Erotic massage - body massage, massage with pleasure!

Geisha massage

Geisha - is a woman who is sophisticated in the art of love.
Geisha - is a woman-enigma, a woman-secret.
Geisha - is a synonym of wisdom and erotic.

Erotic massage salon "Bagira" introduces our exclusive GEISHA MASSAGE, that is a combination of our best and most popular massages: TSUNAMI and “Three-in-One”. Now in one massage you can try:
1) classical massage,
2) Thai massage by a specially gentle and pleasant technique,
3) caress with massage girl’s hair,
4) acupunctural massage for potency intensifying,
5) erotic aphrodisiac massage and
6) Taoist massage for strengthening man’s power!
In this massage we have gathered the most pleasant and best massage techniques for you!

Geisha massage is performed by the best LEADING MASSEUSES, who are very experienced in the field of erotic massage and who were taught art of massage by the hostess of the salon, fascinating Bagira.

Geisha massage lasts 1 hour 45 minutes and costs 800 UAH. ATTENTION - ACTION! When ordering “Geisha” massage you will receive a nice present from “Bagira” salon – elegant collection Japanese chopsticks. I wish you enjoy all the pleasures of massage in company of our beautiful girls! BAGIRA

Geisha massage – Photo session

We have prepared a photo session of Geisha massage for you. Now, having watched these photos, you will be able to understand how many pleasant moments are waiting for you during this massage. We will add photos gradually, every week. So, watch – photos of GEISHA MASSAGE:

Geisha massage
Photo of massage

Geisha massage
Photo of massage

Geisha massage
Photo of massage

Geisha massage
Photo of massage

Geisha massage
Photo of massage

Geisha massage
Photo of massage

Geisha massage
Photo of massage

Geisha massage
Photo of massage

Geisha massage
Photo of massage


Very often geisha becomes a main topic of various discussions and even disputes. I want to say that Japanese culture is hard to understand, including a notion "geisha". Moreover, I suppose that a person is simply unable to understand other nation’s culture without being immerged into it and without living in this country for a long time. And still this can’t guarantee understanding of many esoteric traditions as many pieces of ancient knowledge are often kept from penetration by uninitiated people in various ways. But in this article I’m not going to understand geisha’s culture in Japan. I just want to tell you the most interesting facts about geishas.

The way geisha appeared

Geisha - is a Japanese national invention. The first geisha appeared in XVIII century. I’m sure that you will be surprised by the fact, that at first geishas were… men! Actually, the meaning of a notion ‘geisha’ was different at that time; geishas were actors in a theater. But gradually women someway displaced men and a notion ‘geisha’ started to belong to some women of Japan.

Geisha at ancient times

Highest recognition came to geishas in XIX century. Those were “golden times of geishas” when there were a lot of them and they were held in huge esteem and respect. It was quite uneasy to become a geisha. At first a young lady was taught for a long time and lived at her teacher’s place. An interesting fact is that geisha should have been able to entertain guests with a pleasant intellectual conversation and singing. Often geisha became a hostess of Japanese parties. Besides, every geisha knew the art of Japanese tea ceremony, calligraphy; was able to play exotic musical instruments and arrange ikebana. One of the most important moments in geishas’ teaching was an art of choosing a kimono and its putting on. Taking into consideration all the abovementioned facts it’s easy to conclude that geishas belonged to an aristocratic level in Japan and was very educated and intelligent.

Vital stage in geisha’s life

The first significant stage in life of every geisha is getting a new name. If we consider it to be a pen-name, in Japan a new name is even more important than a name, received after birthday. Geisha’s name reflects her character and includes a part of the teacher’s name. It’s more a title than a name.

The second significant stage in life of every geisha starts when she searches for a candidate for defloration, i.e. the first man in her life who will make her a woman. Perhaps, later on this man will become “danna” of this geisha. If geisha wants to go up in her profession, she really needs “danna”. This is a man for whom geisha can be a lover or can not be – it’s up to her to decide. Danna takes care of geisha, pays all her bills (including numerous expensive kimonos) and even takes charge of her development and promotion! To put it in modern words, this is a producer :) – but he doesn’t get any profit from geisha.

A modern geisha

Geisha’s status has changed much after World War II. It was the time when many women put on kimono and started offering ‘love service’ to American soldiers, thereby discrediting original geishas. Naturally, soldiers and tourists were fond of exotics and soon a profession of “geisha” was almost used up, as for foreigners any woman in a kimono was geisha :) In some period of time Japanese government even enacted a code due to which geisha could not render erotic services. Still, there is some confusion around this issue.

Real geisha

How to define a real geisha from an unreal one? Funnily enough, there is quite an easy way to learn if geisha is real. One can do it by simply looking at her kimono, and to be particular, how geisha straps her kimono. The point is that a real geisha always follows traditions and straps kimono in a very difficult and specific way. Geisha’s kimono is impossible to strap or unstrap without somebody’s help (the one who knows how to do it), as the knot is made from behind. An unreal geisha will never strip her kimono from behind, that’s why the knot is usually made on the front side, so that it could be untied a few times during the day (well, I think you’ve got it).

Travelers’ stories about geishas

Some part of my acquaintances have been to Japan for many times, and, naturally, an issue of geishas usually arise when they describe their trips. Certainly, many men, being in Japan, tried not only to see a geisha, but also to spend a night with her. Out of numerous stories I found out that it was impossible (at least, for foreigners). At the best case you will happen to meet a pseudo-geisha who will charge a huge sum for her “services” :) Though at present times there are about a thousand representatives of this profession, a modern geisha is devoted to traditions and follows all established canons. (An article is written by Bagira, a hostess of the salon)

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