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Erotic massage - body massage, massage with pleasure!

Erotic massage

Erotic massage – is a fabulous relaxation which magnificently combines both erotic and massage! When you enter our “Bagira” salon in Kiev you will immediately feel a burst of erotic energy as you will be met by our beautiful masseuses (have a look at erotic photos of our girls). Afterwards the girls will suggest you to choose an erotic massage among a great range of attractive massages. Here are some of them from the entire list: aphrodisiac massage aphrodisiac massage, costume massage STRIP massage, “TSUNAMI” erotic massage which intensifies potency, Royal erotic VIP massage performed by three girls, double erotic massage, effective lesbie show, exclusive Thai erotic massage "Three-in-One", Imperial SPA massage with Thai herbs and unique GEISHA massage . Having chosen what erotic massage to get the most pleasant part starts: a massage girl, who will help you relax, invites you to the massage parlor designed in an erotic style and starts the session of erotic massage with bathing! It is worth trying!

”Bagira” erotic massage salon
informs about weekly news (23-29.03):

* You are welcome to watch the first part of the photo-session of our massage girl Inna - a stripe in her bright attire - (9 photos). When you will come to erotic massage to Inna, she will present you a stripe-dance in this very attire!

* From this week you are welcome to have erotic Thai massage in the performance of our massage girls: Dasha and Dinara. The girls are great masters in this kind of massage - it is tested on me personally! :)

* Soon will be released our new version of the Web-site. It will be more complete and there you can ALREADY chat with me. BAGIRA

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* Erotic massage photo report
* Thai erotic massage in the salon
* Basic types of erotic massage
* What is erotic massage – Bagira’s article
* Advice for those who want to try erotic massage
* Erotic massage and enjoyment
* Erotic massage by Bagira
* Details about erotic massage in BAGIRA salon
* About BAGIRA erotic massage salon’s branches

The way erotic massage is carried out

We suggest watching a short photo session of massage in performance of the leading massage girl:

Erotic massage
Massage photo 1

Erotic massage
Massage photo 2

Erotic massage
Massage photo 3

Erotic massage
Massage photo 4

Erotic massage
Massage photo 5

Erotic massage
Massage photo 6

Thai erotic massage in the salon

“Bagira” massage salon offers a range of Thai erotic massages:

Three-in-One Thai erotic massage

Geisha Thai erotic massage

Thai erotic massage with pouches

Thai erotic massage 1 - our private erotic massage “Three-in-One”. A perfect variant of exquisite and splendid relaxation as it comprises three types of massage: classical, Thai, and erotic messages.

Thai erotic massage 2 - GEISHA massage. This massage combines Thai erotic massage “Three-in-One” and “Tsunami” massage for potency intensifying.

Thai erotic massage 3 - Imperial massage. This is a unique erotic massage that is exclusively presented in “Bagira” massage salon. Unique are both - special massage technique with Thai aroma-pouches and its combination with erotic.

What types of erotic massage exist?

Naturally, there is no precise classification of erotic massages. But still, if we try, it’s possible to define its various kinds. So, what kinds of erotic massage exist?

Erotic massage can be performed by one, two or three massage girls

Primary, what one erotic massage can be different from another in – is a number of girls participating simultaneously in massage. According to this principle, erotic massage can be divided into massages with one, two, and three girls:

Erotic massage with one girl

Erotic massage with two girls

Erotic massage with three girls

One shouldn’t think that these kinds of massage differ only in the number of massage girls. The more girls take part in massage, the more difficult its performance becomes, as girls work simultaneously. Moreover, masseuses use certain joint movements which enrich massage and let the guest feel exceptionally pleasant sensations.

How can erotic massage be enriched

Erotic massage can be as well defined by peachy additions. Massage salon “BAGIRA” is quite successful in this issue: we enrich our erotic massage with striptease, lesbie show, pip show, and even with original tea ceremony! Can you imagine that?! Here are some examples of such erotic massages:

Erotic massage with striptease

Erotic massage with lesbie show

Erotic massage with original tea ceremony

Bagira’s article “What is erotic massage?”

What is the aim of writing an article "What is erotic massage"? – Probably, you have already noticed that at our Web site there is an interesting column on the right "Feedback on the massage in BAGIRA salon". In this column our guests leave their impressions regarding message they had in “Bagira” massage salon, ask questions about erotic massage they are interested in and simply chat with me as friends. Since questions are repeated sometimes, I have decided to choose the most interesting ones and answer them in detail. It will be a REAL PLEASURE to me if these articles about erotic massage will interest you!

First and foremost, a few words about definitions since it is quite important in the issue of erotic massage. It happens so sometimes that erotic massage is incorrectly treated due to insufficient awareness. It’s also possible that some blame lies with “unscrupulous salons” that use erotic as a smoke screen. And adding to all this impressions of people who had holidays in Thailand, where one can hardly find pure erotic, the issue becomes rather complicated on the whole...Here I will tell you about advantages and main features of erotic massage. You will learn what is real erotic massage. Besides, I will reveal to you little secrets that will let you derive the greatest pleasure from this massage.

What is the difference between erotic massage and services of dubious nature

Very often those, who have never tried erotic massage, ask: “Are there distinctions between erotic massage and so-called "services of dubious nature"? – No doubt, there are. And they are very significant in terms of ORIGINAL EROTIC MASSAGE! Before discussing this topic I’d like to notice that I will tell you about a marvelous form of art and erotic – erotic massage that tenders “Bagira” massage salon in Kiev. Such a massage refers to erotic and nothing more!

What is the difference between erotic massage and other types of massage

There is a huge variety of different massages. Definitely, erotic massage holds a most unique position among them. It is also possible to state that erotic massage is exclusive. What is this exclusiveness evidenced in and why does it appeal to both men and women?

  • First of all, erotic massage includes traditional massage that is pleasant and bringing great satisfaction (striking examples of traditional massage are classic massage and Thai massage).
  • Secondly, in spite of great variety of entertainments in Kiev many people feel lack of lively sheen impressions, including erotic ones. And since erotic massage is necessarily accompanied by erotic, starting from erotic decoration, music and finishing up with massage itself, it may be considered a source of getting erotic impressions.
  • Thirdly, erotic massage in BAGIRA salon is performed by pretty girls only, and this brings real emotional satisfaction. As for me, I care a lot who massages me even if it’s a classical massage. Usually I try to choose a massage therapist, who is pleasant and charming. And in relation to erotic massage this element is one of the most important ones.
  • Fourthly, erotic massage allows to get erotic relaxation in the course of massage session, what can’t be said about any other massage type. Certainly, it’s very attractive for men.
  • Fifthly, erotic massage - is one of a few massage types that strengthens erotic health. It’s more about men who are even recommended to visit an erotic salon from time to time.

From all has been said above it follows that neither of leisure time activities can bring so much satisfaction and benefit as erotic massage, moreover, just in an hour (it is minimal massage time in our salon). And it is quite evident that erotic massage occupies a commendable place in the list of erotic leisure activities, that it is very popular with different categories of population – not only men, but also women and couples. That’s why many people consider it a variant of sheen relaxation with erotic.

Purpose of the erotic massage

The main aim of the erotic massage in BAGIRA salon is unforgettable ENJOYMENT that our guest is supposed to get. It’s well known that people get enjoyment out of totally different things.

Often men connect enjoyment with erotic relax, that is why they are always interested if they get this relax during massage or not. Especially this question is typical of the guests who have never tried erotic massage before. This interest is well-taken: men worry that by ordering erotic massage they will get hot when girls apply their arms and will be left unsatisfied after! :) There is no reason to worry! Girls in BAGIRA salon will perform a gorgeous erotic massage at first, and after that will bring you to the maximum enjoyment!

Women, certainly, are fond of getting a charge out of erotic massage as well (I have firsthand knowledge about that! :)). But for women satisfaction is something more sophisticated indeed. Here a primary role play such erotic components as sensitive music, lushing light and good shape of a massage girl who is performing erotic massage. To make a long story short - beautiful erotic! So, dear ladies, be aware that you will certainly love erotic massage in BAGIRA salon!

Another category, interested in enjoyment, is couples. When a couple orders erotic massage, they are mostly attracted in watching each other during massage, and especially at the moment of relax. What is especially nice is that they are interested not only in their own enjoyment but also in their other halves’ enjoyment. That is why men and women often invite their “halves” to our erotic massage. As for me, I approve of organizing mutual erotic leisure time.

I’m convinced that after having been acquainted with erotic massage’s aim you would like to try it yourselves. Before trying erotic massage I’d advise reading some useful and worldly recommendations:

Recommendations for those who wish to try erotic massage:

Would you like to receive maximum enjoyment out of erotic massage? – My recommendations will help you do it. Many guests order erotic massage for pleasant leisure time, wishing to receive enjoyment and simply have a good time. And it has some common sense! I have been working in the field of erotic massage for more than five years already, supervising “BAGIRA” erotic salon in Kiev, and I’m sure that my recommendations will not only catch your fancy but will be very useful as well:

1) Before having erotic massage give some attention to yourself!

So, you are ready to visit Bagira erotic massage salon, aren’t you? May be it will look a bit strange, but I would recommend to pay some attention to you yourselves. Erotic massage can be considered, from one point of view, as an erotic date, that is why shower, fashionable perfume, and decent clothes won’t become redundant, and you will, vice versa, win over. Thanks to these trifles people are getting first impression of you and it’ll be perfect if it turns out to be positive!

2) To come for erotic massage in a good mood!

Our mood is a dodge; it is not only transferred to others, but can also return to us again. It's especially correct when the conversation drifts to erotic massage. We, women, are very emotional and always catch our companion's mood on the intuitive level. Not once have I witnessed the following situation in our erotic massage salon: a guest comes to have massage in an all humor and demonstrates it without any constraint. What happens next? - Masseuses' mood spoils as well and, consequently, massage becomes a formal walk through. Naturally, such an erotic massage can make happy hardly anybody and the visitor leaves the salon dissatisfied...

I've described a corner situation. Usually we manage to "pull out" man's mood onto a cheerful wave. Once I’ve asked one of the guests why he had behaved so wretchedly before the massage. I was struck down by the answer: the point is that it was his first visit to BAGIRA salon, before that he had been a regular client in another erotic massage salon, where girls were rude and aggressive. He was used to such a mode of interaction and fondly believed it was typical of all salons! :) When he entered our massage erotic salon he was surprised at a warm welcome and pleasant mode of interaction. Naturally, he has been our regular client since then. The summary sounds quite simple: You go for an erotic massage to relax, so leave all your negative emotions outside our massage salon!

3) Erotic massage and permitted caress

An issue kindling men’s greatest interest is what caresses are permitted in the course of erotic massage. I understand this interest as the majority of men take an active life position and get great enjoyment caressing a girl. Erotic massage is an explicit service form, but still there are some limits. Let’s discuss them in detail.

Of course, erotic massage permits erotic caress, but, please, notice, precisely EROTIC and not more! It means that such actions as touching masseuse’s back, bust and buns will be perceived positively. But direct interaction and kisses are, of course, forbidden. It’s necessary to remember visiting BAGIRA erotic massage salon!

4) Erotic massage is not a competition

It may seem strange but at the end of erotic massage some men, who know what the Tao love is, start an unusual competition with a massage girl – they consciously postpone the moment of relax! At first I was quite amazed at it, but then I’ve got what the point was: some men aim at surprising a girl by their rare skills, while others are sort of demonstrating that having only erotic massage will not be enough in the case :). To admirers of such erotic entertainments I want to remind, firstly, that the massage time is limited. Probably, we will be glad to extend your erotic massage, but it’s quite possible that there is somebody else in a waiting list soon after you. Secondly, there is a chance that a man who demonstrates such skills, will have to hit his spot himself :) Though throughout my personal 5-year experience in erotic massage none of men left me without relax!;)

I hope my recommendations regarding erotic massage didn’t only interest you but also brought some usefulness. Now I’d like to suggest another interesting topic to you:

Will I get satisfaction from erotic massage?

To discourse upon relax we shall define what I mean using this word for you to understand me properly. Usually relax is a state of comfortable relaxation. But as we speak here about erotic massage a term "RELAX " gains more erotic and vivid meaning. So, in our case, relax is an overwhelmingly pleasant, super erotic state which both men and women love to have. Relax is a main aim of erotic massage. Well, I think, you’ve got what I mean :)

If you have never tried erotic massage before then you are sure to ask a question: “Will I get RELAX in the course of erotic massage?”. I want to remind once again that in “Bagira” massage salon there is no direct interaction in its original sense. But still our guests regularly have satisfaction. How come? A beautiful girl, massages you not only with her hands, but also with the whole body of hers, applying some oil to it beforehand. She performs it in a well-graced manner using showy lush positions. Moreover, she pays much attention to your ATHENAEUM, massaging it tenderly and gently, what causes incredibly pleasant feelings. As a result you get not only emotional enjoyment, but physically experienced RELAX as well, that’s what we have just talked about.

What kind of erotic massage can bring maximum satisfaction?

Erotic massage practically always ends up with RELAX, this is what unites almost all kinds of erotic massage. And still I may advise what massage to choose in “Bagira” salon to get maximum and unforgettable enjoyment. First of all, pay your attention to exclusive erotic massage “TSUNAMI”, that is full of exquisite erotic caresses: along with traditional classical massage and aphrodisiac massage you will be also offered tender massage-caress with masseuse’s hair and acupunctural massage for strengthening vital power and intensifying potency, and the most important one - Tao erotic massage. Tao erotic massage’s essence consists in girl’s paying close and tender attention to your ATHENAEUM. (To learn about this massage in detail, read feedback about erotic massage from one of our regular clients.)

Likewise from the viewpoint of enjoyment quite an attractive kind of massage is Thai massage, especially, when it’s combined with erotic massage. “Bagira” massage salon in Kiev will surprise you with a huge range of erotic Thai massages, which will be performed by the most experienced and elegant massage girls. We can offer you the following kinds of Thai massage:

  • Thai erotic massage, that is rightfully called “Three-in-One” as it combines classical, erotic, and Thai massages!
  • ”Geisha” erotic massage - it comprises our best massages: “Three-in-One” and TSUNAMI massages. Should I mention it is worth your attention!
  • Imperial erotic massage - is our salon’s pride and pleasant amazement of guests! At that massage you will learn how massage girls coshered Thai emperors!

It’s worth mentioning without false modesty that all these erotic massages I’ve designed myself and taught them my leading masseuses. Besides, I will reveal a secret to you: we are not at stop and go on inventing unique erotic massages. You will learn about them in near future! I can speak about erotic massages in BAGIRA salon forever. So, I think, it’s high time you called one of our telephones in Kiev: +38 or 38(096)111-8888 and tried one of our erotic massages! :)

Erotic massage as a kind of erotic leisure time activity

As for me I like erotic massage, but it shall be of high quality and performed with emotions. I consider it not only as pleasant relaxation, but also as a well-favored leisure time and intriguing adventure. I’m sure that erotic massage can, to some extent, compete with closer intercourse. It is easy to find advantages in erotic massage and here are some of them:

  • Every massage in “Bagira” salon includes not only erotic massage – in addition you will get a highly qualified classical massage, what is both pleasant and healthy.
  • At the end of erotic massage you don’t just have RELAX – our masseuse will do her best to make it vivid, unforgettable and very pleasant! (I think you will agree that in daily routine not every girl takes care about your enjoyment so passionately!)
  • And, to my mind, the main advantage: you don’t need to make any efforts to have enjoyment. All you are required to do is to relax and enjoy massage and communication with a beautiful girl!

I’m sure you have already learnt the address of popular “Bagira” massage salon where you can have such enjoyment! We are always glad to see you, we wait for you in Kiev for a bracing and at the same time relaxing erotic massage!
Bagira salon hostess (Kiev)

Erotic massage by Bagira

People often ask me: "Do you perform erotic massage?", "Is it possible to go to erotic massage performed by you particularly?". I decided to answer those questions in a FAQ section. Yes, previously I performed erotic massage – at first I worked as an ordinary masseuse and later – as a hostess of “BAGIRA” salon. I even designed my first branded erotic massage on the basis of classical, erotic and Thai massages. But from the end of 2006 I decided to threw myself into the management of massage salon, Internet, ads and teaching of the masseuses. So now a privilege to get “erotic massage by Bagira” have some massage girls – in the course of training. To the most intrusive clients who wish to have my massage badly, I jokingly suggest becoming a massage girl in our salon for some time:) But nobody hasn’t dared yet :)) And still there is a reasonable alternative who are attracted by my massage particularly, that is our leading masseuses’ massage.

Erotic massage by the leading masseuses

I understand those who want massage performed by the salon hostess perfectly well – such people value quality and like to choose the best thing. That’s why I teach only some of my massage girls how to perform my massages, usually those who work for a long time in my massage salon and showed themselves to good advantage. Erotic massage by these girls is so good that it can easily compete with my massage. So, if you want erotic massage by Bagira, order massage in performance of the leading masseuse!

Erotic massage rules in BAGIRA massage salon

Please, learn the rules of ”Bagira” massage salon:

1. We perform erotic massage in the salon only

Probably, many people will be surprised, but we don’t work outside the salon – we perform massage only within its walls (even for our most favorite and regular clients). And it’s not only about safety, but because the salon is more adapted for massage than your luxurious apartment, sauna, or a hotel room. Besides, our masseuses could have spent more time to reach you, especially at rush hours, instead of pleasing our clients with their caresses. For this reason, if you have decided to try our erotic massage, we will be glad to see you in our massage salon in Kiev.

2. Our massage girls work at daytime only

We offer services of erotic massage only at daytime, and particularly from 10.30 a.m. till 9.30 p.m. We are closed at night, as I doubt that somebody needs specifically erotic massage at this time of the day... :) We also don’t work “to the last client” – the last enrollment time is definite – 9.30 p.m. But in this case you shall necessarily come on time, otherwise masseuses may simply think that you won’t come and go home:)

3. Erotic massage and punctuality

”Bagira” massage salon is very popular in Kiev, that’s why we pay special attention to punctuality. This approach is suitable for us and our clients. We recommend you to come for your massage on time. Why so, but not half an hour late? – Because there may be another client’s time after yours and if you are late you will simply shorten the time of your massage session. But sometimes latecomers in literal sense, despite a significant delay, demand that the next massage session should begin later! :) Naturally, we don’t agree to this, as we value our clients and understand perfectly well that you won’t be glad if you have to wait for half an hour because of a previous client being late. So, dear clients, respect each other and come on time! And if because of some reason you are delayed, please, call us back and say about it.

4. Erotic massage – caresses and limitations

Erotic massage refers to erotic and has some limitations and taboos. If a massage girl can touch you everywhere, you can also caress her body, but within the bounds of decency. It’s allowed to touch masseuse’s body, caress her bust (tenderly and if she is not against), but you can’t touch her “lower” part of body. Please, be respectful to girls. Remember, that in case of importunity a girl has a right to stop an erotic massage session and even call out for security. Money in this case is not returned.

5. Who are not admitted to erotic massage

It’s necessary to remember that erotic massage – is first and foremost massage and any massage type has its contraindications. There is a list of them, but I would like to emphasize one of them, breaking of which leads to refusal of tendering a service of erotic massage. I speak about a state of alcohol intoxication. Certainly, we understand that erotic massage is associated with relaxation and leisure time and some people before going to the salon may “uplift their spirit” with some alcoholic beverages :) But bind the sock before it be full. If our guest is “legless” he will be surely denied in the service of erotic massage. I think I don’t have to explain the reasons. But it’s quite another thing if a guest has had a refresh for high spirits. In this case we are not against.

Here are the rules that are in effect in our erotic massage salon. Many of them seem to introduce some limitations, but believe us they are made to make your relaxation more pleasant and comfortable. The next popular question, that is asked by many users, is:

Is BAGIRA massage salon located only in Kiev?

This question has variations: “Are there your branches in other cities of Ukraine?, “Is such and such salon your branch?“. I’ve decided to answer this question on the main page so that noone had hesitations: BAGIRA erotic massage salon is now located only in Kiev and we don’t have any branches. Actually, I understand why many people ask this question: many of our clients live outside Kiev, and to go to Kiev for massage only is quite extravagant and a bit uncomfortable :) Though, I assure you, a lot of people go! Besides, some of them come especially for the sake of our erotic massage! And, of course, we are flattered by this.

On the other hand a question “Is BAGIRA erotic massage salon located only in Kiev?” means high quality of our erotic massage. It’s not a secret that top notch is often copied and called by similar or identical names. I regularly hear from our clients that our salon turns out to be not only in Kiev, our branches are open in other cities and even countries as well. :) An interesting thing is that in these salons it’s said that “Bagira HERSELF” taught them! :)) I’ve also come across some massage teachers in Kiev who stated that they had taught my staff! :) Imagine how discouraged they were when I introduced myself! :)) To put it short, there is a lot of fairy-tales and the essence is the same: if BAGIRA erotic massage salon is copied, we are considered to be the best! ;)

Very often people ask or offer to open branches of BAGIRA massage salon in other cities and countries. At the moment I refuse such offers. The reason is that massage itself, and especially erotic massage, requires scrupulous and thorough approach, that is attained by regular training, quality monitoring and personal communication with massage girls. I doubt that if erotic massage salons are located outside Kiev, I will be able to control them all so carefully and give them full-fledged attention. And the quality has always stood on the first place for me not only in regards to erotic massage, but in life as a whole.

That’s why I prefer to have one massage salon in Kiev as I live here myself. There are more real offers, for instance, to open a network of BAGIRA erotic massage salons throughout Kiev. When I started this business, I also had such ideas. But in due coarse I changed my mind. The point is that erotic massage is like a man, it requires caress and attention :) When you concentrate on something else, this man starts to be capricious – I even feel it when I go for a one- or two-week holiday! A couple of massage salons – is like dating with a couple of men :) I’m sorry, but I prefer standard variants of relations and are used to giving attention to one man. May be, comparison of men with erotic massage will seem strange to someone, but actually it’s the same as comparing women with cars (1:0) :))

That’s why when some erotic massage salons in Kiev tend to create a network of salons, I always smile skeptically, as I know, that it usually ends up with control and quality loss. As for me, I’d better have one massage salon in Kiev, but a good one, rather than four – but bad ones. Moreover, I haven’t arrived at my finger-ends regarding both, erotic massage as it is and follow-up moments! :) Numerous trips and attendance of massage salons abroad gave me a chance to compare massage, design of the procedure, interior and staff. As a professional I always pay attention to all trifles and note what I like to bring it to life in my erotic massage salon later on.

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