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Erotic massage - body massage, massage with pleasure!

Erotic photos of the girls

Erotic massage starts with your acquaintance with the girls. On this page you can find the references on erotic photos of our beautiful masseuses. Be sure all the pictures are originals for 100 percent! If you are interested in getting pleasant acquaintance with them - choose erotic massage in Bagira Saloon and look at Rating of our masseuses.

Erotic photos of BAGIRA (9 photos)

Erotic photo sessions of Liana masseuse

Erotic photo sessions of Sophia masseuse

Erotic photo sessions of Alesya masseuse

Erotic photo sessions of Veronica masseuse

Erotic photo sessions of Monica masseuse

Erotic photo sessions of Angelika masseuse

Erotic photo sessions of Zlata masseuse

Erotic photo sessions of Kira masseuse

Erotic Imperial SPA massage

Erotic thai massage

Erotic lesbie show massage

Erotic double show massage

Erotic strip massage

Erotic geisha massage

Photos of the girls on Bagira's Erotic Saloon site

A lot of visitors of the elite massage saloon "Bagira" like erotic photos of our girls. And there are special secrets for this very reason: first of all, beautiful girls like to change different poses in front of the camera (notice that in Bagira Saloon every girl is very exquisite in her beauty! :)); the second reason is that the process of making erotic photos can inspire the both sides with passion (a photographer as well as a photo-model). And if to take into account that I always make the photos of the masseuses myself, dressing up bright exciting attires, so successful result is easily to predict. Often, instead of the ordinary photo-session, an erotic playing takes place which can go too far)).

How is the photo-session of the girls is getting on

Often, in the process of the photo-session, even I can feel the magic ways of women's charm and temptations of the masseuses! Just imagine, a beautiful girl, looking into the camera very sensually and slowly takes off her clothes, assuming various erotic poses. Sometimes,when I come too close, she can touch me, as if by chance, so it makes me highly strung after this. It evokes the desire to stop the work and to have the massage itself! In such cases the pictures become very bright, full of passion and erotic! So, take for your knowledge, if you can see the impressive photos, be sure, much more is hidden from the camera (and from you especially!) :)

The editing of the girls' pictures in the photo-shop

Then I edit myself the photos of the girls in the photo-shop (I'm sure that if you want to do something well-do it yourself!). I work up the photos for showing better all the shades of light, the mood of the girls, especially such subtle thing as the state of inspiration of the girls with passion during the photo-session. I am not a professional designer, you see, my first experience with photo-shop took place not long ago. My wish to convey women's beauty just as it is in reality prompts me to open this computer programme. So, it would be better for our visitors, looking at the pictures of our girls, to make their right choice and to determine their affection to one of our masseuses. You see, the beauty of a girl has it's important influence for erotic massage!

On what pages of our site you can find the photos of the girl

On Bagira site you can see a huge number of erotic photos of our masseuses (more than 300 photos!!!), and what's more, in various sections:

*on the stripe-massage page - here are gathered the photo-sessions of stripe, which, in their most cases, are presented in various costumes, where the girl dances a stripe-dance in a particular erotic appearance;
* on the pages lesbi-show and double show are presented pair photos of the girls. Of course, during the massage itself, you will see much more, these photos just give you the general and the most vague idea about what you will see;
* on the page of orgazmic massage the following are presented interesting photos where the girls caress themselves. I advise you to pay special attention to this kind of massage, because it can impress you much!!
* on the pages of Thai massages (Erotic Thai massage Imperial SPA-massage) You can find the photo-references to the photo-sessions of the massages, by the way, there is even on site the photo-session of the traditional Thai massage in my own performance;
* on the personal page of every masseuse there are the photo-references to those sections, where her photos are presented. It is very convenient and gives the possibility to deeper and more complete acquaintance with the girl, also on these pages you can carry on your personal correspondence with the masseuse;
* to see how Body-massage is performed you should open photosession of body-massage;
* there are also presented funny erotic photos in the section PHOTO-EROTIC, which is renewed quite often;
* on Bagira site you will find also erotic photo-jokes. In this section except just looking through the funny photos, you can also leave your comments here;
* quite an interesting section THE REST AT THE SEA-SIDE, where a great number of the photos of my exotic trips in different countries are collected. Almost every photo is accompanied with comments.

Many visitors of our site like the fact that a lot of the pictures of our girls can be enlarged by clicking on them. Our site is also very dynamic, because a few new photosessions are added every week. That's why I advise you to read news from time to time on the main page "Erotic massage", or what is better is to subscribe to my weekly mailing out of the news. Thanks to it you will always get new fresh information in good time, also in news I put the references to the new photosessions, for you not wasting your time for finding them out. As you see, site is made with all my heart and for your satisfaction!

On the site all the photos of the girls are absolutely genuine!

Many people pay their attention to the site of Bagira Erotic Massage Saloon because the photos are unusually bright and attractive. Sometimes even the visitors of the site have doubts as for the authenticity of the photos and the girls on them! :) I take it as a compliment, because in most cases I make and work up the photos myself. And it is very easy to distinguish real photosessions from fiction: almost everywhere you can see interior of Bagira Saloon, which proves the fact of making all the photos here,in our saloon. And the most simple way to make yourself sure in real existence of the photos is- to come for erotic massage to our saloon ! Just do not expect to see the girl with the same hair-do or the same underwear,as at the photos :)) We are women, and it is in our nature to change appearance and be attractive!

Why it is difficult to see well the faces of the girls?

Almost on every picture, the faces of the girls are not well-defined,and it causes a lot of questions from men,even rouses indignation! It is not a big surprise-everybody knows that it is important for men to have a visual image! That is why during the acquaintance a man is always deeply impressed by a short skirt and a low-necked dress. Of course, men attach great importance to the beauty of woman's face. It is very delicate thing-a mixture of esthetics and erotic. That is why I understand how disappointed a man can be, when he looks at the photo of a beautiful lady, but can not see her face well! :) There are some causes for this reason, and they are very important, in fact:

First, site of "Bagira" erotic massage saloon is very popular and full of frequent visitors. People drop in our site for various reasons: someone is really interested in erotic massage, and the others just want to stare at the beautiful photos of the girls, or to cope them without any permission of the proprietress of site (there are a lot of examples to this fact). That is why I have to keep the faces of the girls under cover and sign the photos,because there is no assurance in their further usage.

Secondly, a photo itself does not always convey person's emotions,his or her character exactly. These factors are important, they should be taken into consideration before choosing a girl for erotic massage. How to reproduce a gleam in her eyes,or a glance full of passion? - So, that is why I suggest you to come to our saloon and make your final decision as for the girl. You may be charmed by HER SMILE or HER VOICE...

And thirdly, - where is an intrigue, which is so important for a man? When you look through the erotic photos of the girl without any cover on her face,there is no any intrigue, furhter interest. What is more there is no excitement! So, dear gentlemen, be sure all this is made specially for you! ;)

Each girl is beautiful in her own way in Bagira erotic massage saloon!

When you come to our saloon for erotic massage, you will see for your own eyes that our girls are beautiful. I always choose the girls myself and beauty in this sphere has an important meaning. There are four masseuses every day at work in our saloon and you can always find kind of a girl whom you like. Sincerely wish you to have pleasant acquaintance with the world of erotic massage and hope you will become the habitual visitor of Bagira erotic massage saloon! BAGIRA

Erotic acquaintances

When we talk about beautiful girls, the theme of acquaintance always comes up. It is known that not every man is able to use this kind of art perfectly. If you want to acquire the skills of acquaintance you should read my article "Secrets of acquaintance or how to make an acquaintance with a beautiful girl", where you can find a valuable peace of advice. But now I want to change the topic to: IS IT IMPORTANT TO BE ABLE TO MAKE AN ACQUAINTANCE?! The question might be shown to you quite original, but it includes a deep life meaning.

Let us imagine a man in his age, who has already a family and a high status in society. Let me assume that such a man likes beautiful girls for sure and, for the first sight,an erotic acquaintance seems quite enticing for him. Let us assume that he has made a successful acquaintance with one of the most beautiful girls of Kyiv. And at this period all the consequences of this acquaintance come to the surface: the object of worship (this beautiful girl) demands constantly his attention and financial help as well. A man has to keep his liaison out of family's sight, that has its negative effect on family's relations. After some period of time the girl can pretend on the role of wife and that's the worst of all.

In reality, a man needs EROTIC, he needs to break the monotony of his erotic life and have romantic emotional experience. From the very beginning, he is not going to build serious prolonged relations with whoever,but just have some rest. For this very reason, I suggest you to draw your attention to erotic massage: here you will find all you need-beautiful girls, erotic acquaintances, intrigue, satisfaction! All advantages are available! So, when you will have the desire to make an acquaintance with a beautiful girl, call us at once and come to erotic massage!

If you want to be aware of what new is going on in Bagira Erotic Massage Saloon, and also to gain an access to viewing more interesting photos, so specially for you it is created "Subscription to mailing out the news from Bagira"!

Our contacts: Ukraine, Kiev, "Bagira" erotic massage salon.
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